martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

New Zealand 14-0 Vanuatu

New Zealand: 1. Jenny BINDON (GK), 2. Ria PERCIVAL, 4. Katie HOYLE, 5. Abby ERCEG, 7. Ali RILEY, 8. Hayley MOORWOOD (c), 9. Amber HEARN, 14. Rosie WHITE, 15. Sarah GREGORIUS, 17. Hannah WILKINSON, 18. Kristy HILL

Vanuatu: 17. Haia TAIWIA (GK), 2. Leisale SOLOMON, 3. Sylvia VATAKO, 4. Sergine POIDA, 5. Sileye SAINA, 6. Jeanine ALATOA, 8. Stephanie TOUGEN 9. Joella AVOCK, 10. Elodie SAMUEL (c), 11. Serah THOMPSON, 15. Evensta ARU

The match kicks off.

1' New Zealand's Amber Hearn hits the post but is called back for offside

5' Sarah Gregorius (New Zealand) sees her shot from outside the box saved

6' Rosie White (New Zealand) makes a run into the box but a heavy touch lets her down

7' White is caught offside

8' Vanuatu goalkeeper Haia Taiwia makes a fine save from Amber Hearn's shot

10' GOAL!!! New Zealand 1 Vanuatu 0: Amber Hearn opens the scoring with a strong header from Ria Percival's corner

11' GOAL!!! New Zealand 2 Vanuatu 0: Hearn grabs a quick double with an easy tap in after a strong run by Hannah Wilkinson down the right

13' Taiwia (Vanuatu) makes another good save from Amber Hearn's deflected shot

15' Rosie White is caught offside again

18' GOAL!!! New Zealand 3 Vanuatu 0: Hearn completes her hat-trick with a powerful low strike from just inside the area

20' Ali Riley (New Zealand) sees her shot hit the bar

21' Sarah Gregorius (New Zealand) goes 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper but Taiwia makes a brilliant save

25' Hearn is caught offside

25' GOAL!!! New Zealand 4 Vanuau 0: Captain Hayley Moorwood gets on the score sheet finishing her 1 v 1 opportunity

27' Taiwia comes off her line to make another good save for Vanuatu

29' GOAL!!! New Zealand 5 Vanuatu 0: Amber Hearn climbs high at the backpost to head home Ria Percival's freekick

34' SUBSTITUTION: Marseline Bakokoto replaces an injured Sylvia Vatoko for Vanuatu

37' Sarah Gregorius is caught offside

39' Hannah Wilkinson fires a shot high from the back post

42' GOAL!!! New Zealand 6 Vanuatu 0: Hannah Wilkinson has an easy tap in after some good play by Rosie White

45 +1' Hayley Moorwood sees her shot saved

45+ 2' GOAL!!! New Zealand 7 Vanuatu 0: Abby Erceg is the first to pounce a loose ball at the back post from a Ria Percival corner

The referee brings the first half to an end.

The second half kicks off.

46' SUBSTITUTION: Anna Green replaces Ali Riley for New Zealand

46' Vanuatu captain Elodie Samuel sees her shot scew wide

48' SUBSTITUTION: Serah Thompson is replacd by Phina Angelo for Vanuatu

52' Abby Erceg commits a foul in a dangerous position

53' Vanuatu take the free kick and the ball bounces around inside the box but eventually rolls out for a goal kick

54' GOAL!!! New Zealand 8 Vanuatu 0 Rosie White scores her first senior goal for New Zealand

59' GOAL!!! New Zealand 9 Vanuatu 0 Hannah Wilkinson picks her spot to grab a brace

61' SUBSTITUTION: Joella Avock is replaced by Melanie Mansale for Vanuatu

65' SUBSTITUTION: New Zealand make a double substitution with Sarah Gregorius coming off for Liz Milne while Maia Jackman replaces Abby Erceg

68' GOAL!!! New Zealand 10 Vanuatu 0: Liz Milne scores after Vanuatu goalkeeper Haia Taiwia spills the ball

73' GOAL!!! New Zealand 11 Vanuatu 0: Hannah Wilkinson scores a hat-trick after an unfortunate miss by Taiwia

79' White has a shot at goal but the ball sails over the bar

81' GOAL!!! New Zealand 12 Vanuatu 0: Moorwood finishes off a Hearn cross

88' Percival breaks down the right and sees her shot saved by Taiwia

89' GOAL!!! New Zealand 13 Vanuatu 0: Wilkinson finishes from close range

90' + 1' GOAL!!! New Zealand 14 Vanuatu 0: Hearn grabs her fifth

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