martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

Cook Islands 1-0 Tahiti

See below for the play-by-play action.

The starting line-ups are as follows:

Cook Islands: 1. Mati TORU (GK), 2. Jenny AKAVI, 3. Linade UNUKA, 4. Tekura TUTAI, 5. Tex KAUKURA, 6. Marissa IROA, 7. Mama HENRY (c), 9. Dayna NAPA, 10. Gina MUSTONEN, 12. Tasha DEAN, 13.Leiana Temata, 14. Tepaeru Toka, 15. Louisa Manico, 16. Poko MANULEA

Tahiti: 1. Poroni TURANA (GK), 2. Mariko IZAL, 3. Maruina TOM SING MEIN, 4. Nicole BOUGES, 5. Angela TAIARUI, 7. Tihani TOKORAGI, 8. Vaitiare PITO, 10. Mohea HAUATA (c), 11. Heimiri ALVAREZ, 14. Tiere APO, 19. Mataireva TAPOTOFARERANI

The match kicks off.

2' Regina Mustonen has a strike at goal for Cook Islands but sees it fly just wide of the right post

4' Cook Islands captain plays a searching through ball past the Tahiti defence but it rolls to goalkeeper Poroni Turana

7' Tahiti press forward and win a corner

8' Cook Islands win a corner after a strong run by Dayna Napa

10' Cook Islands captain Mama Henry has a shot at goal but is blocked

11' The game is held up while Tahiti player Mariko Izal is treated for an injury

13' Most of the play is being restricted to the middle of the pitch

14' Napa breaks for the Cook Islands but fails to chip Turana

15' GOAL!!! Cook Islands 1 - Tahiti 0: Mustonen scores with a great left foot free kick into the top corner

17' Mustonen has another left foot strike at goal from the edge of the box but it goes straight to Turana

20' Tahiti are seeing more of the ball as they try to get back into the game

22' Possession is being divided equally between the two teams

23' Napa pounces on a loose ball in the Tahiti defence but is quickly dispossessed

25' Mustonen and Napa are looking dangerous up front for the Cook Islands, getting on the end of a string of long balls

27' Henry gets her head to a Mustonen free kick but can't get a good enough connection to trouble Turana

30' Cook Islands are doing most of the attacking with Tahiti struggling to get forward

32' Heimiri Alvarez has a great chance to level the scores when she goes one on one with Cook Islands goalkeeper Mati Toru but she chips her shot wide

34' Muraina Tom Sing Vein gets on the end of a through ball for Cook Islands but stabs her shot wide of the right post

36' YELLOW CARD: Cook Islands player Tasha Dean is cautioned

40' Mohea Hauata tries a long range shot for Cook Islands but it is gathered comfortably by Toru

45' Alvarez runs onto a through ball for Tahiti but is called offside

45' + 1' Tahiti player Vaitiare Pito is treated for an injury

The referee brings the first half to an end

The second half kicks off

45' SUBSTITUTION: Liz Harmon replaces Linade Unuka for Cook Islands

48' Tahiti begin the half brightly with several attacks

49' Hauata tries to curl a free kick in for Tahiti but it sails over the bar

50' Mustonen has an attempt at goal from long range with a free kick but it goes stright to Tahiti goalkeeper Turana

52' SUBSTITUTION Tex Kauhura is replaced by Dannie Trego for Cook Islands

53' Hauata shoots from the edge of the area for Tahiti but can't beat Cook Islands goalkeeper Toru

57' SUBSTITUTION Mataireva Tapotofarerani is replaced by Ninauea Hioe for Tahiti

60' Tahiti's Alvarez has a one on one attempt with Toru but can't find a way past the goalkeeper

62' Hauata swings in a free kick for Tahiti but it is well cleared by the Cook Islands defence

65' SUBSTITUTION Tihani Tokoragi is replaced by Kahana Maruae for Tahiti

70' Hauata swings in a free kick but it is scrambled out for a corner by the Cook Islands defence

72' SUBSTITUTION Tiere Apo is replaced by Linda Rua for Tahiti

74' Defender Angela Taiarui breaks down the right for Tahiti but the attack fizzles out

76' Cook Islands are pressing forward in search of the second goal but the Tahiti defence is holding firm

80' Defender Nicole Bouges tries her luck with a long range shot for Tahiti after a free kick is cleared but Toru deals with it without trouble

81' Vaitiare Pito is caught offside for Tahiti as her side tries to find an equaliser

81' SUBSTITUTION Tasha Dean is replaced by Leiana Temata for Cook Islands

85' Tahiti are pressing hard as they desperately try to equalise

86' Despite the constant pressure Tahiti are struggling to create any clear-cut chances

86' Tahiti's Linda Rua tries her luck from long range but the shot doesn't have enough power

87' Play is held up while Cook Islands captain Mama Henry receives treatment for an injury

88' Henry tries to relieve the pressure for Cook Islands with a determined run down the left

89' Hauata hits a speculative long range free kick for Tahiti but it is tipped onto the bar by Toru

The final whistle sounds

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